Luxury Yacht moored at wharf

COMS – Commercial Onshore Marine Services provide mooring services throughout the Greater Sydney Region.

From new builds to regualr maintenance services, we ensure your moorings are secure, stable and adequate for your boat, yacht or other vessels. 

We work on all types of moorings inlcuding permanent anchor moorings and mooring to a fixed shore. 

New Moorings

We design and construct mooring systems to suit all vessel types and locations. Your new mooring will be engineered to meet your required specifications.

Annual Mooring Services

Our commercial divers also provide annual mooring services. This includes close visual inspections, photographs and GPS coordinates for the location.

Regular maintenance on your moorings ensure they will continue to operate as designed. Keeping your boat, yacht and vessels secure at all times.

Have a mooring that needs service or interested in a new build? Get in contact with us today.

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Servicing greater Sydney, Wollongong, Gosford and beyond.