Marine Salvage

COMS provide boat and other vessel salvage service. Using leading industry techniques, here is how it works:

  1. Contact us to enquire about your boat salvage.
  2. We will arrange a time and date to go out to inspect your boat and its position in the Greater Sydney Region.
  3. Once your boat has been inspected, we will provide you with a quote and a method of the salvage operation.
  4. When the quote is accepted we will arrange a suitable date and time to salvage your boat.
  5. COMS salvage dive team will arrive at the specified time and evaluate your boat, its position and any potential hazards. We use a variety of float techniques to get your boat to the surface undamaged.
  6. We will then pump out any excess water and provide buoyancy so the boat can be towed to a marina, boat yard or boat ramp for assessment.

Contact us now for a quick quote and let’s recover your sunken boat before any more damage is caused.

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